There's something about these orange structural beams that makes them look strong enough to support digital writing.

Overview: Writing for Digital Spaces

Welcome to ENG 3080! As plans for the Spring semester develop, this page will expand to include information about each aspect of the course.

This class is designed to give you an opportunity to create online content beyond the usual confines of social media and profile-based pages. We’ll look to both theory and practice to enrich our understanding of—and appreciation for—web-based writing.

You’ll work on a semester-long website-creation project, creating a web presence of your own design. You will add your voice to the internet, learn technical skills along the way, and study how writing works when it’s designed for digital spaces.

Course Information

  • ENG 3080*01
  • Fall 2024 Meetings: Wednesdays, 2–4:15p
  • Instructor Details:
    • Chris Friend (he/him)
    • CAS 325
    • Office hours (appointments strongly recommended):
      • Tue/Thu 10a – 12p
      • Wed 11a – 1p and 5p – 7p


This course explores emerging theories and practices within the digital humanities and surveys the relationship between electronic writing products and their relationship with new media.


Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Characterize the material consequences for writing in digital versus material spaces 
  • Survey theories of digital technologies’ influence on writing 
  • Engage in rhetorical analysis of digital practices and products for writing in a range of digital environments 
  • Create original digital texts in a range of digital environments 
  • Develop critical practices for reading and writing multimodally

Details About the Course

Besides this site, the following resources will help you feel connected as you go about the semester: