Category: Wk 2: Intertextuality

  • Digital Rhetoric: The ins and outs

    Digital Rhetoric: The ins and outs

    Rhetoric is an important component in writing with its molding to fit the type of writing it’s for and for digital writing, it’s no different

  • Intertextuality


    Intertextuality and its importance described by a college student, along with a description on Doug Eyeman’s chapter on the subject.

  • Intertextuality


    Intertextuality allows web authors tend to “help” other authors in mentioning something from another source, according to one’s privacy.

  • Intertextuality


    It’s important for intertextuality to be acknowledged in a different light as times progress– but how do changing times truly impact it?

  • The Inevidability of Intertextuality

    The Inevidability of Intertextuality

    How intertextuality shapes writing and digital rhetoric, influencing communication, with insights from literary dynamics and Doug Eyman.

  • Understand intertextuality correctly

    Understand intertextuality correctly

    Intertextuality generally refers to the interrelationship between different texts. So, what else do you know about intertextuality?

  • Memorable Moments: Intertextuality

    Memorable Moments: Intertextuality

    Not only was she last class’s most memorable moment, but she was the perfect example of this post’s topic, Eyman’s take on intertextuality.

  • Conversations


    It is important to read a lot in order to fully understand things being said in a conversation. However, the internet impacts this.

  • Intertextuality in Technology

    Intertextuality in Technology

    As the differences between traditional and digital spaces continue to grow, potential issues are created when discussing intertextuality.

  • Intertextuality Isn’t That Hard

    Intertextuality Isn’t That Hard

    What is intertextuality? It’s the act of referring to an existing text within your own text. Confused? Don’t be. You’re already an expert.

  • A World Wide Web

    A World Wide Web

    Whether in print or on the web, intertextuality can be observed in text. Texts will always borrow from one another and create networks of information.

  • Intertextuality: Deliberate or Latent?

    Intertextuality: Deliberate or Latent?

    All texts are derived from other texts. Intertextualities exist in printed texts as well as digital and it can deliberate of accident.

  • Intertextuality is pretty cool.

    Intertextuality is pretty cool.

    In this blog post I’m talking about what Intertextuality is and why I think it’s cool and why it’s different from stealing ideas.

  • Intertextuality


    Intertextuality is relating one text to another. It is prominent in the comic book industry, due to the continuation of the same story.

  • Intertextuality


    Today for the final blog post, we look at what is intertextuality as well as some examples of it as well as its relation to digital rhetoric.