Category: Topic 1: Positioning Terminology

  • Digital Rhetoric

    Digital Rhetoric

    Everything that it takes for one to understand a digital space takes literacy. The knowledge of one terms piles up on another.

  • Digital Literacy

    Digital Literacy

    What does Doug Eyman believe digital literacy to be?How can the understanding of digital literacy impact the way society functions as a whole?

  • Literacy, Literacy, and Lit-er-a-cy

    Literacy, Literacy, and Lit-er-a-cy

    I can’t speak for everyone, but I can that I am getting tired of the term “literacy”. I mean, it’s constant. We used it heavily in Intro to Writing

  • Digital Literacy: A Constant Change

    Digital Literacy: A Constant Change

    A look at the definition of digital literacy, along with some examples of how changes in technology affect one’s literacy.

  • The digital age requires digital literacy

    The digital age requires digital literacy

    To meet the challenges of the digital age, we need to improve digital literacy, so how do we do it correctly? How can we improve our digital literacy?

  • Digital Literacy And You

    Digital Literacy And You

    Digital literacy is a must-have for digital rhetoric. Without any understanding of the topic, you will be unable to understand the rhetoric.

  • Digital Literacy

    Digital Literacy

    Digital literacy is very complex to understand. You can know different skills, language, spaces, and technologies and still be lost.

  • Wk 4: The depth of Digital Literacy

    Wk 4: The depth of Digital Literacy

    Defining terms that we have known our whole life may be difficult. For that, Eyman explains the components, what is and isn’t digital literacy

  • Digital Literacy Defined

    Digital Literacy Defined

    With digital technology constantly advancing, will younger children acquire digital literacy faster than most adults strive for?

  • Digital Literacy

    Digital Literacy

    New ideas on the concept of digital literacy and why it should be taught to students, from internet forums to all it has to offer.

  • Digital Literacy is a Two-Way Process

    Digital Literacy is a Two-Way Process

    Digital literacy encompasses every little competency you’ve got for using the device you’re using. Having trouble? It’s not all your fault.

  • Define “Digital”

    Define “Digital”

    Discover the nuance of “digital.” Debunk misconceptions, explore Eyman’s insights, and learn how writers can adapt to the digital space.

  • Digital World

    Digital World

    What is digital? We use digital concepts to function in our everyday lives. Digital helps make many connections globally.

  • Learn the Meaning.

    Learn the Meaning.

    Misinformation, miscommunication, or fear of asking for clarification disconnects you from knowledge, thus you must learn the meaning.

  • “Digital” Ruined My Childhood Innocence

    “Digital” Ruined My Childhood Innocence

    The digital landscape is evolving. Learning what is means to be digital helps deepen our understanding of it…sometimes at a price.