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Digital Literacy





A simple definition I can come up with for digital literacy is having a basic understanding of digital spaces and how they work. In Doug Eyeman’s chapter we get a variety of definitions, the man loves referring to other works. Eyeman agrees literacy in this context relates to knowledge. Though other authors believe another word is needed knowledge of a resource, its production, and its dissemination.

Eyeman’s chapter includes concepts by Gregory Ulmer who seeks to introduce a more specific, complex genre. He introduces the concept electracy. Ulmer put the defintion in simpler terms stating electracy “‘is to digital media what literacy is to print.’” But Eyeman pushes back on this as electracy acts as a method instead of a condition, seeing it more as a tool. He agrees the original phrase actually isn’t lacking what other authors believe it is. That it perfectly encompasses all it makes up.

Why Digital Literacy?

When I was in Catholic school in New York I did have to participate in computer classes. Except it wasn’t much of a class but more of an oppurtunity to play computer games like the Oregon Trail, which I’m convinced fed into my anxiety. Even though I got to learn the basics on how to use a mouse and type in words the class didn’t do much for my development with internet forums.

Once I moved to New Jersey where I was put into an actual computer class I struggled greatly. I still struggle because of it. I guess I can’t blame the adults around me for the curriculum made. My generation was in that weird inbetween of kids transitioning from writing essays on paper to typing up drafts on a computer.

To be literate in digital spaces is the absolute bare minimum in today’s society. That’s why it’s important for there to be classes on how internet forums work, the basics of computers, etc. because essays aren’t going to go back to written form. The digital era will live on and continue to develop in more ways than we could imagine.


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