Computers and other devices to show the variety of digital literacy.

Defining Types of Digital Literacy




Leah Boonstra

Being literate in a specific subject like math or reading typically means that an individual is experienced. Typically we only connect literacy to reading and writing. But, there are a variety of things that someone can be literate in. According to the definition on, literacy is focused on the ability to read and write. I believe that most people do not realize how many things they can actually be literate in. One definition for literate on is superior knowledge in a specific field. For example, if you love the Green Bay Packers and have learned the rulesof the game, you can easily become literate in football. In a previous blog post, I discuss the meaning of digital and how it can relate to many different things. This showing that digital literacy can mean different things.

Digital Literacy

In an article written by Doug Eyman, called “Digital Rhetoric: Theory, Method, Practice,” Eyman introduces the term digital literacy. He describes it being more complicated than being literate in reading and writing. Digital Literacy requires full understanding and knowledge in multiple different “languages.” Not only do you have to be able to navigate computer systems, but you also have to be able to control what they do. These type of people are usually computer scientists who know everything about computers and technology. According to the way that Eyman describes digital literate people in his article, it doesn’t seem like many people fit the category. Some may believe that they are literate in some technology platforms. But that doesn’t mean you know how to work all of them. So, would you still consider yourself digital literate? I believe that if an individual can navigate their way through a device, they should be considered computer literate.


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