Why Readers Respond to Traditional Print vs Online Text





Understanding Traditional Print:

When understanding the difference between traditional print and online text you should be aware that one is physical and the other is electronic. There are many different reasons why readers will respond differently to traditional print vs online text for a variety of reasons. It’s crucial to remember that readers’ interpretations and the author’s intended meaning in the text can not always coincide. Readers’ unique viewpoints, experiences, and backgrounds might affect how they view and understand a book. The meaning of a book might therefore be interpreted differently by different readers. However, a key component of literary analysis and the study of written communication is comprehending the writer’s textual meaning.

Understanding Online Text:

When using online text you realize that it is easier to manipulate rather than using a book. When you are online you can change the words, fonts, size and much more. The online world is much more changeable. The use of online text is interactive because it allows the writer to be in control. When readers are looking off a computer screen, their perception of the text changes according to Lanham on page 7. When we are using a computer we are able to make adjustments to our reading and writing. Whereas when we are using traditional items such as a book or a typewriter when we can not make changes. Blog posts are an example of online texts because they are changeable.

Online texts have numerous benefits, but it’s vital to understand that they can have drawbacks, including concerns about data privacy, the need for digital literacy, and the possibility of information overload. Furthermore, some people might still like the tactile sensation of reading printed content or a real book. But in the digital era, online texts offer a useful and adaptable resource. In a past blog post I talk about the importance of data privacy.



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