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Privacy? More Like Piracy

Digital Privacy and Information Piracy–What does this mean? In the article “Understanding and Maintaining Your Privacy When Writing with Digital Technologies” the author explains different versions of what digital privacy encompasses. In general, my first thought that comes to mind is how I choose, or at least attempt to, protect information. Now, when thinking about what digital privacy means in an online context my brain sort of just melts. I cannot even begin to fathom where all of my online information goes. Where does it get stored or who and what has access to that information? Digital privacy is a concept very foreign to me. I thought I knew what it meant, however, the more I think about it.. the less I grasp the concept. Honestly, it is quite disturbing.

Information Piracy

The part of the article that resonated the most with me was the “Agency” section. I do not think my eyes staying glued to that particular concept on digital privacy is a coincidence either. The disturbed feeling stems from not knowing what entity(ies) are consuming or capturing my data. For me, when you go onto a site they just ask you to accept a whole bunch of nonsense. Furthermore, when they unknowingly store your preferences it’s like piracy.

The best comparison I have to websites infringing on my online presence is that of someone going to a movie theatre and recording the whole film. Except you are distributing it unknowingly. I’m unsure if that makes any sense. Basically what I am trying to get at is that it is taking original content (AKA our personal info) and spreading it around to different places that we did not even know could be stored at.

Digital Privacy and Information Piracy

Privacy on the internet seems, at least through my lens, almost impossible to achieve. Sure the use of VPN’s and other softwares to combat such infringing may help. However how safe is anyones information really? When people finally become educated on how their information is being distributed by the web, it is already too late.


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