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Digital Rhetoric & Its Power On The World




Digital rhetoric has taken over our world as we know it. Our methods of communication have changed and adapted to the new developments in technology that are created regularly.

Creating these digital communications has opened the door to new ways of persuasion and engaging with others online.

With this, we must ask ourselves…

Why is it so important in our digital lives today?

What Is Digital Rhetoric?

Though there is no “set” definition, it is known to be a study on how things like communication, persuasion, etc. are affected by the media and other digital technologies created today. It is meant to break down the influence different digital technologies have on the way we convey messages that are meant to persuade other people online.

In the book, “Digital Rhetoric: Theory, Method, Practice,” the author quotes, “Wherever there is persuasion, there is rhetoric. And wherever there is “meaning,” there is “persuasion.” How we choose to persuade others is important since it can affect whether or not people are persuaded.

Knowing Your Audience

Having a sense of engagement with your audience is super important when discussing digital rhetoric. Usually, there is often a lot of feedback happening within digital rhetoric from the audience and also from the speaker.

Different Methods Of Persuasion

Messages can be communicated in so many different ways, especially through the use of technology. For example, an effective way to communicate an important message to someone could be through pictures and videos rather than text.

Sometimes, having the ability to see a real-life visual of something can really grasp the audience’s attention and keep them wanting more.

Where Does Digital Rhetoric Fall In Our Lives?

A lot of the movements and changes that have been going on in today’s world have started from social media. Apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook are where users go to spread awareness on issues and persuade their followers to make a change.

Ever think about starting your own business? The use of digital rhetoric is crucial since businesses will use social media to bring in new customers. They will strategically create content that they feel connects with their audiences the most in order to gain business.


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