Digital: What is it?






In layman’s terms, digital technology is made of binary digits, 1s and 0s. As Doug Eyman states in his book Digital Rhetoric: Theory, Method, and Practice, it has become synonymous with electric and computerized technology. It encompasses everything from computers to digital clocks. Using binary digits, code is read by technology making it easy to share for digital systems.

The ramifications

As for the usefulness of digital technology, I want to bring up my own experiences with digital technology and how it got me to actually enjoy writing to the point it became my dream career.

When I was younger, I hated writing. I attribute it to having terrible handwriting and only doing writing in terms of school work. As such, I only did it when I had to and tried to find ways around it. However, in 5th grade, my teacher said typed essay assignments were allowed and it was a game changer.

Typing allowed me to write not only faster, but without worrying about my penmanship. Not only that, programs like Google Docs allow me to keep all my writing together in an easily accessed place without losing my progress and be able to do it from everywhere, even my phone. Now I really enjoy writing, something that’s a bit obvious now since well, I’m in this class.

This doesn’t mean there aren’t issues. I’m easily distracted and technology doesn’t help. In fact, it probably made it worse. Technology has it own issues from connection issues to hacking to malware along with attention issues. While some issues can be helped some can’t as it tends to be the issues with the user, not the technology

In conclusion, digital technology has become an integral part of modern society and has improved our lives for both good and bad. It gives us a new medium for writing. It’s for us to explore this medium and improve digital writing.

image of AI robot sitting on a bench reading off a source of digital technology.


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