Breaking Down Remediation:




In “Old Media, New Media, and Knowledge” by Applen he breaks down the term “remediation” and creates an easier way to understand it. He starts off by giving us one definition in the beginning. Applen states, “the shift to a newer form of of media that takes some of the characteristics of a previous form, then refashions it.” This highlights how remediation could be viewed as remodeling and it takes some type of media and renovates it. An example of this would be someone using an old website and creating it into something more trendy/up to date.

Types of Remediation:

In addition, an example given by Applen was how producing books was done by hand in the beginning stages of writing. People would publish their books and hand write out multiple copies that took up lots of time. Then, with the use of remediation, they created a printing press to copy books more quickly and efficiently. This is an innovative process to make things easier for others as well as work more efficiently all around. Remediation is still used daily to complete new tasks and people are constantly trying to find new ways to renovate different technologies.

“Cultural Symbols”:

Next, cultural symbols is “the ability to learn and transmit behavioral traditions from one generation to the next.” According to Applen he mentions how the telegraphs symbolized instant messages and allowed communication in the olden days. Nowadays, as we have seen the remediation process, it is clear that this have changed dramatically. There is now emails, facetimes, instant messages, etc to help better communicate globally.


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