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Continuous Changes of Printing Times





I’ve seen many changes in the world. I was there when my mom traded in her flip phone for her first iPhone. Watched as my family members began adding their first family computer to their homes. I was excited to begin using our first laptop. Although at the time I wasn’t aware of how impactful these changes were to writing spaces, looking back, I can pinpoint the moments in time I felt the shift.

After all, I was born in 2003. In the earlier years of elementary school, I had to write my Columbus Day essay on college-ruled paper. Imagine that! And with a pen, meaning that if I messed up anywhere, it was either restart or bring out the whiteout. Thankfully, by the 7th grade, we began using computers provided to us through a trolly. By eighth grade, each student was granted a Chromebook that we could bring home. It was truly a game-changer for not only teachers but also the environment set for students when engaging in writing assignments.

I am certain that writing spaces have definitely changed drastically in the past decade or so. It’s honestly extremely overwhelming to think about. 

Changes – Remediation

A good example of remediation are cookbooks and travel guide books. Although these two examples are still being made and sold in book stores, they’ve been remediated in our current era of print. How you may ask? Well, through social media, of course. 

When strolling onto my nearest Barnes and Nobles, I walk past the Travel Guide books and browse through my dream travel destinations. England, Ireland, Spain, and Switzerland! As I flip through the several chapters, I am overwhelmed with questions. What should I do? Where do I go? What should I pay attention to? 

I think to myself, “This could definitely come in handy!”. But I don’t buy the book. I put it down and walk past it. This is all because books as such, travel and cooking books, have been remediated into something easier to consume. These changes are evident to see on platforms like Pinterest, Tik Tok, and, my personal favorite, Instagram. They provide me with itineraries, places to stay, thing you can’t miss with a bonus: moving visuals!

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