Technology and writing

Technology and writing


In the article “Old Media, New Media, and Knowledge” by J.D. Applen, we see how writing was a significant artifact in the evolution of technology. As Applen states, writing is technological because it exists outside our minds. The first type of technology was the alphabet because humans created it to communicate. The article mentions that “orality” is the word Walter Ong uses to describe speech. “Literacy” is described as written language. Before there was even a form of writing, there was orality. Orality is the verbal expression and sound of our voice. Only the use of sound and perhaps sign language was the only form of communication. Orality will always be linked to literacy. I understand now why writing is considered the basis of technology. Writing was the first tangible form of communication.

Through writing, natural human languages developed. As the article demonstrates, human languages developed over time. Orality and Literacy are the main factors why human languages expand. Because of writing, digital writing was created. Due to writing, social networking and platforms were created as well. Back then people used to write each other letters. In today’s society, we’re just an email away. The evolution of writing shows us that communication has tremendously evolved.

I like Geena’s blog post idea on technology. She mentions when you think of technology, you may think of the latest software. She proceeds to mention that writing is indeed technology. Usually, people don’t associate writing in pencil with modern technology. However, writing is what led to the creation of the digital age. When you think about it, what led to the creation of computers? Society desired a form of writing that would be faster. Therefore, when computers were created, the software to type was created. Overall, technology and writing have been always linked together.


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