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Do You Know What Text Is?






The word “text” is overwhelmingly complex. In today’s world, where we can’t seem to detach ourselves from our smartphones and electronic technology is continuously consuming every corner of reality, the word “text” has seemed to shift meaning. Well, yes, but also not really. The word is broader than anyone could have imagined.

I think the definition of text is immensely limited in modern times. In educational institutions, when we see the word, we see black ink on a white page that transmits meaning to our brains. Or it can simply be a method of communication. Either way, it definitely doesn’t grasp the concept in all its glory.

So, what does it all mean?

We’re Defining Text

I think before expanding on the definition, we must keep this in mind.

Eyman quotes Johnson-Eilola’s statement:

“…any object, collection of objects, or contexts can be ‘read’ by tracing and retracing the slipping, contradictory network of connections, disconnections, presences, absences, and assemblages that occupy problematic spaces…”.

I believe the content in Johnsons-Eilola’s is slightly world-shifting because we’ve set in stone its existence beyond letters on a screen or page. This is an important thing to settle on before expanding on the definition. This means text exists on the cover art of your book as well as with the seemingly obvious: the content within.

A writer using rhetoric can make use of text to convey a message. Persuade their readers in a variety of different directions. Using my own words, text is a tool used to communicate or convey a message to its readers that provokes them towards action. Just like how a compelling book cover provokes you to read its synopsis.

The truth is that text will continue to evolve as humans continue to grow. Our job is simple: keep catching up with it.

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