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Method of Media And Knowledge





Oral Old Media

Applen gave me the thought that things are done based off the doings of other people. When people learn a new skill or are trying to get into a new activity, those will look up to other individuals. Applen says, “inspiration”. In “Writing For The Web” , “Learning in oral cultures is based on the practice of apprenticeship, where people imitate or emulate what others do as they are doing it.” (Applen, J. D. 2013) Oral media is more inspiring to people. This method is important. Listeners can hear the passion in the voice as the person is speaking. However, the speaker can’t be properly sited unless the listener writes down quotes. This makes it more difficult for people to refer back to the people that inspire them.

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Written Old Media

When things are written down, the only interaction that come within the text come from open conversations, or responses. This is not open to the public because the textbook is not being read in real time as when it was written. Another example are newspapers. When news was spread, it was not in a way of being able to respond to the reporter/author.

Written New Media Method

Something I like about new media is how social media can help us interact with things that are published. Rather than written old media, authors are able to get more feedback on text. Also, there are more collaboration opportunities with new written media. For example, a docs page, social media platforms, and other spaces that multiple people are able to openly share their thoughts. According to “Digital Writing 101“, “…the ability to share written and multimedia messages with broad audiences had passed out of the strict control of the gatekeepers of “old media” and into the hands of anyone with a computer or mobile device…”. (Word Press) This method helps support the fact hat the new media is able to do things that old media was not able to. There are different ways that people are able to openly explore media with opinions or facts in text.


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