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What Does It All Mean?

Richard Lanham

Because digital uses artificial tools for multiple functions, and rhetoric is a way of communicating, Richard Lanham made the term “digital rhetoric”. He wants people to connect to the world around themselves. From Internet Archive Scholar, one of Lanham’s examples comes from an artist named Claes Oldenburg. It says, “As Lanham watched this knife going around the courtyard of an art museum (41), his perceptions kept changing from knife to gondola and back.” (p. 119 McKee) This part of the text explains that Lanham used rhetoric to make connections.

Other than “rhetoric”, there is a terms called “digital rhetoric”. A lot of discussions with peers altered my own definition. To define, “the means of completing an objective, making connections, or delivering a message using a device in one’s environment.” in simple terms, people are able to take the privilege of having knowledge on a (digital) device and compare and relate it to another matter in the world.


As a basic understanding from myself, rhetoric has to do with the interpretation and forming connections between general topics. For example, if I found a main idea in a story, I could relate that to something else I have read/seen, prior to the story. This is done so I can reference my new knowledge to prior information. Rhetoric also brings out ethos, pathos, and logos. This staple allows people to communicate a with a purpose of power. Aristotle from Muse says, “art of shaping society, changing the course of individuals and communities, and setting patterns for new action” (93)” (Aristotle)

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My Personal Conception

I believe that rhetoric connections is a big advertisement opportunity. For instance, if a movie is referenced in a movie I am currently watching, seeing the reference makes me want to watch that movie, because it is now on my mind. It is easy for films, books, companies, etc. to make connections with each other. Businesses, however, are trying to help with promoting each other. Honestly, it is a good way to get the name out there. In a serious matter, when things are referenced from a main point, it makes that staple look good for being involved. Prime examples including in a speech, argument, debate, etc. Rhetoric is more complicated than it needs to be. I make connections all the time to things, however, the definition complexes the understanding.


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