Category: Wk 9: New Media

  • Interactivity


    New media is a broad term that is important when we speak on todays technology. New media can be seen as interactive, when it is manipulated or changed.

  • What is New Media?

    What is New Media?

    New Media describes the most recent advancement in mass communication that has been done through the use of the internet.

  • New Media

    New Media

    New media has certain characteristics that we need to define it as such. There are 5 characteristics that make up new media

  • Eyman: Defining New Media

    Eyman: Defining New Media

    Eyman begins the discussion of a clear definition of new media while using the definitions of Selfe, Bolter, and Grusin.

  • Technology Continues to be Advanced

    Technology Continues to be Advanced

    Technology continues to be advanced daily, but is it too much? Is technology unnecessarily advancing, or are we doing it for the better?

  • New Media; Technology

    New Media; Technology

    New media is displayed through 5 principles that contribute to multiple definitions. Understanding how these principles affect social media today.

  • New Technology

    New Technology

    New technology has brought better opportunities for many people around the world. They include computers, smart phones, and iPads.

  • New Media: Interactive Streaming Flims

    New Media: Interactive Streaming Flims

    Breaking down how and why interactive streaming films are considered to be objects of new media. Is this the future of entertainment streaming?