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Angie Haro Moreno

New media has certain characteristics that we need to define it as such. Similar to the practice of rhetoric, where these qualities make sure that persuasion is successful. As Eyman explains, new media is “an object of study that is subject to rhetorical theory and principles” (p.55). Established methods and practices that make up new media. Even when these characteristics are overlooked by the user, they are there and they ensure that we experience digital rhetoric. These characteristics, according to Packer and Jordan (p.54), are:

  • Integration
  • Interactivity
  • Hypermedia
  • Immersion
  • Narrativity

These features are in social media. For example, while browsing Instagram. This social media application in which you can post pictures, videos and edit them is an example of how the characteristics of Parker and Jordan apply.

Where can we find these characteristics?

  1. Integration

Besides being able to edit pictures and videos, in this app you can add a caption. The creator has freedom to use words or emojis to communicate with their followers. Also, there is the option to add a geotag to show where the picture was taken. Additionally, the use of hashtags help the creator’s post to reach a wider audience. 

  1. Interactivity

The same characteristics that were mentioned in the “integration” section can be use to manipulate and affect the experience in the app. The creator can add any geotag and edit the picture in any way that they want to communicate or persuade their audience. There is no way to ensure that the geotag or the editing tools stick to reality. 

  1. Hypermedia

With the added functionality to buy merchandise in the app, there are links that redirect the audience to a different app or website. Other times they redirect you another social media in which the creator also takes part of, such as their tik tok or youtube account. 

  1. Inmersion

As new updates are added to the app, now there is the possibility to post 360 pictures or videos. This makes the user experience a three dimensional environment. Additionally, there are also 3D audios that the user can listen to to enhance their experience while browning the app. 

  1. Narrativity

Each of the posts that the creators make on Instagram follow a certain aesthetic. You can find the post on your timeline and it may not look like much. However if the user goes to the creator’s profile then they can see that the creator is providing the audience with a narrative. 

These characteristics are applied to the new media as long as the media is digital.


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