Text within Digital Rhetoric





            It is a common understanding that the word text can be described as something that refers to printed text. When further reading about the meaning in the digital rhetoric world, it refers to a communicative event. Within digital rhetoric the term text also relates to seven specific areas that define this term in a different way. I think that the most understood and relatable category is cohesion, which describes it as obeying grammatical rules and dependencies. Cohesion within digital rhetoric represents the structural components of a text and the linguistic elements.

Social Environment:

            Text can also be an important factor when it comes to design, especially in a social enviornment. Design within social media is used to fit in while portraying a certain kind of audience. The idea is to use social media as a linguistic tool to create a particular reaction from the reader. This can also be done through essay writing, journals, and or blogs. The different writing tools allow for different techniques, which requires multiple uses of text as language. Journals and blogs that are posted on websites and social media use a kind of language that is more appropriate for readers. Essays that are written as assignments have the standard academic language that is appropriate for reader based learning.

Rhetorical Features:

            Through the use of technology and digital rhetoric, text can be used as a feature to persuade through writing. Writing can appeal to an audience’s emotion, logic and or perception of authority. Rhetorical devices can also be found by reading carefully through articles to strike interest in the main topic. If these devices are used poorly, it can make it more difficult for the audience to have a connection to the overall meaning of the piece. It is interesting to analyze the meaning of the word text to see the different aspects of how it effects digital rhetoric.


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