Computers and other devices to show the variety of digital literacy.

Understanding Multiliteracies and Digital literacy






 Understanding Multiliteracies and Digital literacy is complex. Multiliteracies is understanding and being “literate”  or “fluent” in a certain area. It may not mean that you are completely fluent in that area, but you have knowledge of it. Being fluent in something on the other hand  completely understanding a certain thing without questioning it or referring to resources for help. Multiliteracies can be related to many different things. For example: Linguistic Meaning, Visual Meaning, Audio Meaning, Gestural, Tactile and Spatial Meaning. This is why the term multiliteracies is so complex. It can mean many different things or relate to different ideas or concepts.

Digital Literacy

Digital literacy is a more narrow term that comes from multiliteracies. It is an individual’s ability to: find, evaluate, and communicate information. This can be through typing and other media on various digital platforms. It is evaluated by an individual’s grammar, composition or typing skills. Also the ability to produce text, images, audio and designs using technology. “ Digital Literacy is more complex in some ways because it requires the user to be able to read and write with a number of sign systems.” Furthermore, in latin the word ” digital” or “digitalis” means relating to the fingers or toes. As humans the word ” digitalis” is a humanistic trait, it is a way we make sense of the word and how we are able to communicate or code information. With that being said, the word digital may not always be referred to something digital. It can also relate to any form of writing, whether it be pen or paper or using a digital platform.


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