text is more than printed words. Michael Angelo's painting on top of the Palace of Versailles

Text is More than Printed Words




Angie Haro Moreno

Text is more than printed words on paper. We can use this technology to encourage social action. The use of rhetoric in text is important since it will allow the author to use digital rhetoric practices effectively. A text lets us put together more than just words. We can use symbols, pictures or objects. As Eyman explains, a text can be “thought of as the container for arguments or persuasive discourse” (21). When we use a text we have to be aware how it will influence the audience. Even when texts are usually with printed works, texts are beyond words on paper. We need to specify what our text’s purpose is and how it will impact discourse. Text has to be able to meet the needs of the rhetorical approach. 

Text Criteria 

For a text to be effective it needs to meet a certain criteria. As Eyman points out that texts have “rhetorical features” where we can use this to “propel social action” and are map out “material objects” when they can deliver the means of relationship between “text and rhetoric” (22). 

There are 6 criteria: Cohesion, Coherence, Intentionality, Acceptability, Informativity, Situationally and Intertextuality. These criteria are needed so the author is able to communicate, persuade or make someone understand a certain topic. 

Words are not the only thing that can be defined as a text. Art, sounds, pictures and even thoughts have meaning. To engage with the audience the author is able to use these qualities. Then, the audience will decide if they want to read the text. It reflects our ideologies and it is more broader than we think. Text is more than just printed words. It has evolved and it provides more ways in which we can communicate. 


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