A photo of an arrangement of tools to show a fixed way of doing things.

Is The Old Media Fixed?




Leah Boonstra

Before technology existed, many individuals were just fine using pen and paper. Ink and paper was necessary in order to communicate. There was never a need for anything greater. Before cell phones and computers existed, “the norm” was handwriting letters and sending them in the mail. A lot of older generations still do that to this day! They feel secure and safe using resources they know how to do. As technology becomes more and more popular a lot of people are starting to use it. I think the younger generations view as it as a fixed way to communicate. It makes me wonder if technology will soon replace handwriting completely. Things like signatures and banking I never imagined could be done online. But, contradictory to my beliefs, they have somehow managed to make those online. Over the years I’ve come to the belief that soon everything will be digital.

Handwriting : Fixed

According to Writing for the Web: Coding, and Constructing Web Sites, by J.D. Applen, he describes the new way of writing. Applen describes everything being on computers and cell phones. Using ink and paper to communicate was very tedious and took a long time to receive the message. The “fixed” method using computers makes it much simpler. All you have to do is type and a message can instantly be delivered. Knowing computer software can create even more opportunities for easy communication. I believe using a computer or phone could be a really effective way to send a message.


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