Feather and ink to represent old writing.

The New Writing




Leah Boonstra

Back in the olden days, I think of writing as people using ink and a feather on a cloth like paper. People used this to get their messages across. Whenever multiple copies were needed, individuals would have to write each one by hand. Since then, many new technologies have been created. First was a type writer where you could type messages rather than handwrite them. From there, many more resources became accessible. For example, a keyboard, printer, and later on a computer. Writing became much easier than what it used to be. Sharing writing pieces is much simpler now than centuries ago. In fact, writing technology has created a paper-less way to create. In result of technology, there is no need for a “paper copy” of books and articles. Most of them can just be found in an online format. Is this helping or hurting?

Is It Bad Writing?

Some may argue that the new technology has damaged the way that people write. The use of computers have brought autocorrect and dictionaries with one click. When I write essays I don’t even look at the word if it is spelled incorrectly because my computer is set to automatically change the word. I’m sure many of us can relate. This is not helping us learn in anyway. In fact, it is probably hurting our academic abilities. A recent example of negative affects of technology is the new ChatGPT. I’m sure you have heard of it by now. Basically it is a computer generator that can write almost anything for you. When experimenting, I asked them to write me a five paragraph essay about World War II. Within seconds I have a well developed five paragraph essay all about World War II. Using the ChatGPT is a new and easy way for writers to complete a paper. It creates a shortcut for people who do not want to do the work themselves. Ultimately everyone has their own opinions on whether or not technology has been beneficial or negative. I believe there is no right answer. Hand writing and typing will always have their pros and cons.


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