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How The Web is All Connected




In “Old Media, New Media, and Knowledge” by J. D. Applen, he introduces four new terms. Modularity, database, interactive, and new media. He explains the importance of each term and how they are all related and connected back to one another.


Applen states, “if they do not change their ‘separate identities’ and retain their ‘independence’ when they are used to construct larger bodies of information” (pg 8). An example of this would include the famous “Legos” because they all have separate identities and come in different shapes and sizes. They also have their independence because they can be on their own or be put together with other legos.


As stated in the text, “databases possess many separate modular elements that can be variably combined and recombined” (pg 9). Therefore, an example of a database would include Microsoft Access. No matter what the input is before or after each element, it is all consequential.


In order to be “interactive”, Applen points out that “a technology would have to reflect a specific and idiosyncratic ideas and emotions of each person who engages with computer based technology” (pg 11). This means, there is more to being interactive online rather than adding a few hyperlinks and knowing how to navigate the web.

New Media

New Media can be defined as “means of mass communication using digital technologies”. This can be social media, a website, text messages, etc. With the help of new media, it is now easier than ever to communicate globally with one another for the good and bad. I believe as years pass by, technology will only get larger and better. More on Old Media and New Media here.


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