New Media and Literacy




Angela Adase

New media itself has been described within these terms and the examples given made for a better understanding of the concept overall. When I first thought about new media, I thought about updated technology abilities. Ones that we have both on the phone and the computer. Now after reading this section, it makes me further think about the use of modularity, and interactive through things such as hyperlinks.


This is a term used to describe the age of new media and was interesting to read about. The overall concept of units of information considered to be modular are based off having separate identities. The example of a media clip being placed in a word document edited with another software program was a great way to demonstrate the meaning. This media clip claims its independence while being placed in the word document. It is interesting to think about these kinds of concepts after realizing that I have demonstrated modularity in media.


After reading about the concept of a database, I decided to research one of the questions that was asked. I logged into Facebook and viewed an opening page of a friends, and looked at what makes up the page itself. This page is one that is filled with additional smaller links that take you to the different sections of the page. Most websites are filled with information that leads to a new webpage.


When I think of the word interactive, the first thing that comes to mind is the use of social media. Being interactive with others on social media, such as having conversations through direct messaging, and commenting on friends post. I did not think enough about the digital world to consider hyperlinking and the aspect of it. Hyperlinks were not something that I have used but have learned how much more convenient it is to use them. This allows you to be interactive through media as and for information to be more accessible.


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