Different ways to communicate

Has Oral and Written Communication Evolved?


Communication has significantly evolved with the integration of various communication modes such as: text, images and videos. Before the pre-digital era, oral communication was the primary method Applen notes “that before we started writing things down all communication was oral” relying only on sound. Memory played a crucial role, according to Ong, quoted by Applen said “knowledge once acquired had to be constantly repeated or it would get lost.” Today, people use a vast range of tools and platforms to communicate; from social media, to multimedia messaging apps. This transformation in communication highlight the impact that the digital age has on the way in which we convey messages.


Examples of how communication has evolved can be seen in hypermediacy. Hypermediacy places emphasis on visual engagement. It encourages not just audio but visuals. Tuning into one’s favorite blogger and information is readily available. This medium allows for interactive communication as it allows the communicator to communicate orally and the viewers can respond to direct instruction in the form of visuals, links and written communications.


We also see the evolvement of oral and written communication in remediation. Prior to the digital age communication was done orally, then via pen and paper. Now that same communication can be done using multimodal tools such as: websites, blog post, email and videos. To share a recipe, a person can create a cooking show, now sharing and showing step-by-step guide, a favorite can be easily accessed on a e-reader or that letter that requires seven days can be sent via email and reach its recipient in a second. novel Same information, just change the medium. Remediation allows for content to reach various audiences.


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