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Writing is a Conscious Decision


Angie Haro Moreno

Writing is a conscious decision that we make. While there are differences between oral and written cultures, when we write we are influenced by our background. It might be true that when we communicate in a written form we lose some of the abilities or expressions that are able to convey when we communicate orally. However, in the contemporary era that we live in, we can take advantage of the use of multimedia texts. We do not have to rely only on how we say things orally, second orality allows us to use the influence of the written, print, and oral culture to improve our communication. 

Use of multimedia texts 

Written communication allows one to communicate without the presence of physical presence. The use of multimedia gives us the chance to express our thoughts. Therefore, as Applen explains, technologies that are used in secondary orality discourse “their output could not be manufactured without the existence of the written word” (7). Words do not have to sit on a blank page anymore. TV shows need a written script so the actors can know how to and what to say. In the radio or on TV, the news that will be broadcast needs to be planned. That way the reporter does not miss any news. While using our phones, while texting we make use of emojis, gifts, pictures and even videos. Even if we do not realize it, we are influenced by written and media print more than we thought. 

Secondary orality gives a sense of community. Literacy has changed how our community practices social interactions. It refers to the speaking and listening abilities of people influenced by their reading background. Second orality has to do with how someone who could read written texts, would talk and hear things. Writing is a conscious decision that we make. Along with the help of multimedia we can advance our communication and improve it.


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