A photo of tech trees to help understand different types of rhetoric.

Understanding Rhetoric




Understanding the word “rhetoric” can be challenging. When I was first introduced to it I was lost. But, when you dig deeper and break it down, it becomes easier to understand. According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, the simplified definition is “the art of speaking or writing effectively.” I would argue that rhetoric can be used in other ways as well. For example, Douglas Eyman discusses different types in his article “Digital Rhetoric: Theory, Method, Practice.” Eyman describes electric rhetoric, computational rhetoric, and technorhetoric.

Understanding Electric, Computational, and Techorhetoric

With new electronic platforms becoming more and more popular, it becomes important that we start to develop a good understanding of what it requires. Eyman argues that electric is too broad of a word. When digging deeper into electric, we think of things that require electricity. When having a solid understanding of electric, you can become rhetoric in the term. Computational rhetoric has different approaches. It uses more computers. An example of being rhetoric is having a solid understanding of computers and how to use them. You could speak and write effectively on computers and how to use them. Technorhetoric is more related to computers and technology. For example, technology can also include smart phones, computers, iPads, and even some cars. Being technorhetoric can be very beneficial in today’s society. Everyday new technologies are coming out. Everyday researchers are studying the effects of technology and how they are helpful. New generations are more rhetoric with technology. New generations are bringing new technologies.


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