Open macbook pro with coding typed on the screen.

How Important is Coding Really?




Coding is known as a form of communication that can be used to solve problems and create things of our own. To many, coding may seem super confusing and complicated. In reality, it was created to make our lives so much easier.

Behind every code, there is a message that is intentionally made to communicate to humans its main purpose and function. It is used to create a form of connection between the users and creators. This allows creators to have their visions come to life for their users.

Brock discusses the importance of rhetorical code studies and how it provides for development, software use, and communication to be used simultaneously in the creation of code texts.

Coding and Rhetoric

In order to create codes, a sense of digital rhetoric needs to be involved in the process. For example, in order to create a blog of your own, coding needs to be involved. These coders need to involve several different rhetorical practices within their coding in order to make it happen the way they want it to. These practices and methods with ultimately draw more attention to their creations and interest users looking for information.

For a code to be effective in the creation of any digital media, the language needs to be precise. This is where the idea of rhetoric comes in since language is a big aspect of rhetoric. In order to achieve effective digital communication, the language in the coding must be precise and organized correctly.

Coding overall tends to act as a connector between users and what they want a specific computer to do. It is important to understand how to code since it can be beneficial for you to understand how the backends of a computer work. Being able to create something that can be beneficial to you and your work is important too.

Next time you see coding and immediately want to run away, take a minute to understand the importance of it. You never know, it could turn out to be beneficial to you in ways you never thought of before.


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