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 In Doug Eyeman’s Defining and Locating Digital Rhetoric, he goes over multiple places where you can see digital rhetoric and goes over what it is. He even talks about rhetoric in medieval times and rhetorical analysis.

So, what I’m willing to talk about here Is why I agree with his statements about rhetoric.

Rhetorical Analysis

He says that the power of rhetoric is used with an analytic method and be persuasive. And i agree with this because in most cases it can be used  Persuasively. Persuading someone of something is literally what rhetoric is but what about the analytical method?

Rhetorical Analysis is essentially when People try to figure out why an author does something in a story.

An example

An example of this could be if I’m analyzing the movie the Lego movie. And I mention the color and composition of different shots and why those colors were picked. That would be rhetorical analysis.

This is rhetorical analysis is because I’m thinking about why a director or animator would want to pick different colors and use different angles in a shot.

These things can evoke different emotions within an audience. 

Rhetorical analysis is used by movie critics or just any type of critic who talks about any kind of media they are talking about at the time.


This is why I agree with Douge Eyeman because Rhetorical and persuasive rhetoric.

This is because they very clearly exist based on what I went over with analysis and the fact that rhetoric exists.

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