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McLuhan The medium





McLuhan talks about media and the mediums that they use. He argues that the medium is the message. An example he uses is a light bulb, he says that a light bulb has no content at all. I agree McLuhan with the thought process of the medium being the message, and this blog post is going to be about why I agree.

Its different

The medium is similar to rhetoric because it convinces you to get immersed in media. Think about your favorite movie, book comic book, or any type of media you can think of. Now try imagining that same story in a completely different medium maybe a book turned into a movie. Or a book turned into a game, what happens? Your Interpretation changes in slight ways or bigger ways. Even if the dialogue is ripped straight from whatever thing someone is adapting it is effectively going to be different because the medium is different. An example of this could be, a scene from a comic book and to build tension it drags out a certain scene then on the next two pages there’s a full-page spread. What is a full page spread?

Full Page Spread

A full-page spread is essentially one image posted on 2 pages this could be used to put an exclamation point on a scene. Now you can translate this into a show however things are going to be viewed differently within a different medium. So to conclude lets talk about what could go wrong with adaptation.


The thing is people will interpret the emotions the characters have differently due to it not being a drawing anymore. Or maybe the scene was adapted badly. I bring this up because it further proves his point the medium is one of the most important things when it comes to media, because if that medium isn’t used correctly things could go wrong or the story isn’t going to feel the same. Thats why I agree with Mc Luhan because a story can be completely change with a new medium.


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