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Medium & Message






Throughout the McLuhan process on the media’s message, I would have to suggest and agree on the idea that the overall medium of media is ever changing in our culture and society. As someone who uses some of these platforms I can assure that I have had a greater change in the way I act or go about my day with technology.  McLuhans uses a phrase to understand the overall meaning of media.

 “ What we fail to notice or perhaps do not notice at the time of a new technology’s inception is that eventually it has other effects on our culture, and this is the “message” that McLuhan refers to.”  McLuhan refers to the message as an overall medium or technology that can change like a scale, pace or pattern. One where we collide with. I can agree with this idea on how technology itself changes our culture. While for some it might be debatable. 

Medium In A Example

In the passage McLuhan used a very great example of how technology is just as impactful in our overall thinking. McLuhan tells us that a light bulb has no content at all; it just emits light.

However electric lighting has changed the way we live and he cites night baseball as something that would not exist if we did not have this technology. The message of electric light is that we can work inside and at night if we desire, without ever imagining that this would be difficult.  The concept of cell phones is a very good example of how interconnected we are with other people. Our cellphones are always with us and it’s because of that, that we can’t seem to ever be away from people.

As stated in the reading, “ if we give someone our cell phone number, there is an implicit “message” that we are always available and this can cut our privacy . Too many it might not look like a big change in our culture and society. But it really is. It’s almost like there is no more authenticity in some of the choices we make in our daily usage of technology.

Disconnect In medium and Message

Overall there has been an overall disconnect from peoples thoughts  and technology. I can agree with most of this entire reading. Our culture will always be changing and evolving into something that involves technology and the way we think.

A prime example of something I always did. I would wake up and the very first thing I would do is turn off my alarm and go straight to any of my apps. Whether it was Instagram, facebook, or any other apps.

I knew I had an issue, but I also felt that disconnect with my own thoughts and focus on things.  Now it’s been a practice to be able to find that rhythm of focus. Steer away from the addiction of wanting to look at my phone first thing in the morning.  


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