Changes in our culture

The Power Of Technology On Our Behavior And Culture!





During the past few decades, we’ve been introduced to many communication technologies, and companies that people use as means of communication. I mostly remember when Facebook became popular. Teenagers, young, and older adults were overly excited. They have a digital platform that allowed them to stay connected with their family and friends. They can now locate, see, and message people they have lost contact with wherever they are located. Almost anyone who show interest in the platform embrace it because of the benefits of interacting and staying connected with the individuals they care about. Eventually, the message of what McLuhan is referring to became apparent. That “we fail to notice, or perhaps do not notice at the time of a new technology’s inception. Eventually, it has other effects on our culture (McLuhan and Media’s Message).   

How We Compromise Our Culture!

The fact that communication technology like email, the internet, and smartphones exist, is not what concerns McLuhan. Rather, it is the way we have permitted them to alter our lives and change our cultures and values. Before such communication technologies became popular, families connected differently. Conversations at the dinner table. Having family gatherings and activities. Showing up even if they have to travel from different states to be with one another. Members of the family often make the best effort to attend their family’s functions. They know that missing it probably means that they will have to wait a while before seeing their families again since there is no other way. 

The internet has also changed the way we think and process information. Before we had easy access to information using the internet and websites such as Google, humans were critical thinkers. Students often use the library to find books to help them with research and any other information and assignments. Since we rely so much on the internet, we barely read anything. We sometimes make the mistake of thinking that the internet is much smarter than us. When in fact, we possess certain abilities that the internet does not. Let’s use The example of the programmed computer (Watson). It demonstrates that we have better abilities to “find, arrange, judge, hold on to or discard, and then use fats is different than just knowing them (McLuhan and New Media). We can’t deny the fact that digital technology and communication technology are important in today’s world. However, it is equally important for us to hold on to and cherish our culture through way of physical contact. 


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