Social Media Platform and it's Messages.

Impact of Media Messages, Technology and Platforms on Society.





Last week we learnt about code as meaningful communication, this week we make the switch to the impact of media messages on Humans snd society. Technology reshapes our culture and behaviors, influencing how we perceive and interact with the world around us. As referenced by Applen- Mcluhan said “people often celebrate technology without fully grasping it’s impact on human behaviors and society.” We see this action demonstrated by social media platform such as: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tik-Tok. When they burst on the scene we were all excited because of the opportunities they offered. We could reach each other via text messages, phone calls and video messages to share our lives, even connecting with people we’ve never met or dreamed of meeting along with the ability to connect in real time. Focusing mostly on the convenience of staying connected.

Because of the excitement and initial celebration of social media’s benefits, it’s easy communication and content sharing; we overlooked or underestimated the longe-term effects that they may have and had on humans mental, social and formal relationships. Like Muluhan mentioned about the lightbulb having no content at all, similar concept can be applied regarding social media. The message is in the way they reshape human interactions. The profound way in how we communicate, connect and see ourselves.

Platform’s Messages

The article “What is a Platform” by Rice, aligns well with Mcluhan’s media message on the impact of media and technology on society. Mcluhan suggest that the nature of a medium shapes and influence the message it convey’s. Pertaining to platform, it’s the changing nature of technology and the impact on how we share and interact with information. Understanding the diverse meaning of the term platform is crucial navigating the landscape of technology.


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