New platforms, new technology, and new communication





In “Old Media, New Media, and Knowledge” by J.D. Applen he emphasizes the advancement of communication technology. He highlights how information is passed down faster and can go reach any location on a variety of different platforms. This newer form of communicating is cool, but how long will it take for something to go wrong. In Applen’s piece, he mentions a few key factors discovered by different theorists.
According to McLuhan, he mentions how we failed to see something.

Changing One’s Culture Using Through New Platforms

McLuhan points out that the one thing that people failed to notice while advancing our communication systems is that it is changing a person’s culture. One thing that really stuck out to me was when he said “we created a new level of connectedness…but we have lost…our ability to be content with our own thoughts”(pg 22). This shows the benefit and the doubt of the newer communication devices. In addition, it also shows how just like everything else, even bigger things and bigger ideas have pros and cons.

Googles Impact on Humans

Google’s search engine has grown tremendously over a long period of time. Applen states how “Google [has] changed our relationship not just the facts and information, but the process of reading” (pg 25). This can relate back to slang and new media which more information can be found here. The way we use different search engines have changed the way we read and speak, especially nowadays. With newer slang being created, and even being put into the dictionary, it has changed the way the search engines think and changes the way people input information into the search engines.


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