Technology Continues to be Advanced




Throughout the years, technology has advanced drastically. It started off as writing letters, to making rotary phone calls, to the smallest TV ever made. Now, there are cell phones, huge flat screen TVs, and laptops. No one would have ever guessed that this is the direction technology would go to, and it’s not over yet.

New Media Object

The new media object that I selected is the cell phone. Even though this one seems to be the easiest, it is one thing that everyone has and everyone essentially needs. Phones have been around for YEARS and they all keep developing in new ways. From the rotary, to landlines, to flip phones, to sliding phones, to now smart phones. Nowadays, people read the news on their phones scroll through social media, and communicate globally. (more on social media and how that has advanced here). Even though it’s todays “biggest hit”, there are still loads of pros and cons with this device as it is becomes more advanced.

Is It Becoming Too Much?

While the vast majority of the population seem to carry a cell phone, not many like it. For example, older people who grew up in the flip phone generation may find it too much. There are too many components of it, or it’s not simple enough, or the Wifi isn’t working again are some phrases that some people may say when dealing with a smart phone. Phones have been around for a while now and they seem to be doing the job so why do we keep adding new things to it? Why do they keep making bigger screens, bigger phones, and newer generations if it ultimately all does the same thing?


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