New Media; Technology




New media is displayed through 5 different principles that contribute to the many definitions of this word. Numerical representation, Modularity, Automation, Variability, and Transcoding are the stated five principles.  When I think of these aspects In the media world, I think of objects such as technology, social media. I think of the different ways of communicating and understanding how new media functions in today’s world. Within this concept, multimedia is also factored as this allows for multiple ways of communication.

Numerical representation, Modularity

This is described in new media as digital code, while modularity creates more flexibility. The modularity structure allows for combining larger objects without losing independence. This makes inserting pictures and text into word processing documents much easier. Projects and assignments can be completed at a faster pace, thanks to new media.


One object that can relate to new media is email, and how convenient it is to be used. These five principles allow for email to be used for information to be communicated digitally and received at a faster rate.  The use of email is especially important for businesses, keeping in contact with customers. For example, when I worked in the insurance business for two years, emailing was very important. It was the main source of communication for customers and the other companies that we worked with.

Emailing customers allowed them to have copies of payment confirmations, declaration pages, ID cards for their vehicles. It was also the main form of asking other companies we worked with to make changes for our insurers. Through email, signed request forms were attached for the companies to receive before they made any adjustments. I think that email isn’t something that is prioritized in the younger generation anymore. However, I think it is important for everyone to know how to put an email together.

Social Media

Another object that can be displayed through these principles is the use of social media. Social media usage is one of the most popular forms of communication and entertainment. Apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok are used extensively. These apps are used for others to communicate through direct messaging and comments. Multimedia is represented within this concept because these apps can be accessed through phones and computers.


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