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Media messages are part of our culture. The effects of these messages depend on the ideas that the platforms want its users to get from it. As J. D. Applen points out, the technologies that we create and use should be understood, we “need to understand its larger effects on our culture or society”(Applen 22).  We can take advantage of these mediums to move information faster but it is important to realize what changes happen in our culture because of technology. We have gotten to the point where scholars suggest that these platforms are changing the way we read. While it can be true, the fact that this is happening can be addressed and we can look for ways where we are not being affected by the negative effects. Instead we can take advantage of it to be better and faster researchers. 

How has our culture changed?

The different platforms that provide messages to our society have even provided with more occupations. Let’s take a look at Youtube. Anyone can post anything they want. Online content grows each time thanks to the fact that different mediums allow users to post. However, to ensure the wellbeing of the users some people’s occupations are to be a moderator. They make sure that the content that is being posted is legal. We now have to be preoccupied with what type of content is being posted.

Besides, it is important to realize what is the real purpose of these platforms. As Tarleton Gillespie explains “YouTube’s aspirations are greater than being repository for America’s funniest home videos – they are looking to profit from it” (Gillespie 7). We can even make profits off of it and not only the creators of Youtube. In the end, it even affects our economy. So therefore, we have to be aware how these media messages affects us. 


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