Learning about Technology


Different Aspects of Technology

Technology has positive and negative aspects to what people can do with it. It is important for people to start learning about these aspects.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology

Technology’s presence has increased throughout the last few years in our everyday lives. People are learning different ways to interact with technology along with the issues that come with its use. Things like fake news and scamming have also increased with the presence of technology, these terms affect people negatively when using technology. Because of some of these dangers on the computer, people need to learn and understand the importance of privacy online. Digital Citizenship refers to the understanding of general ideas and norms when using technology. Whether it’s being aware of emails with links that hold viruses or understanding not everything you read online is real, Digital Citizenship is extremely important to have online. It is the type of competence that everyone with access to the internet should have.

In “Messy and Chaotic Learning,” Martha Fay Burtis states that after the 2016 election, it became apparent that, “…we live in a post-truth world filled with fake news and alternative facts.” Unfortunately, this has been an issue for generations in which those “higher up” use their wealth and power to manipulate news outlets. What is even more unfortunate is the fact people have no sense of technological understanding when it comes to dealing with scams or fake news.

Digital Citizenship

This refers to the general norms and understandings when using technology. The authors of “Digital Citizenship: Addressing Appropriate Technology Behavior” bring up phishing, scams, and viruses being dangerous computer issues that people experience. The authors also mention that older generations have more trouble dealing with this because they lack the understanding of how not everything online is true. It is important for everyone to understand any potential dangers that stem from using technology. Learning about these issues is the first step anyone using technology should do. The next is to be wary of information online especially if it asks for personal/private information. Doing research often helps people figure out the legitimacy of things online whether it be an email or an article online.

Online Privacy

In “Understanding and Maintaining Your Privacy When Writing with Digital Technologies,” Lindsey C. Kim expresses the importance of having digital privacy through the analogy of someone knocking on one’s door. Generally, in that scenario, the individual who has locked the door has the ability to open or keep the door closed. However, by expanding the reach technology has on people’s everyday lives, there are no more locks or doors that keep people out. Phones and watches with access to the internet allow for overall access to the user if they are not careful. As mentioned previously, older generations, as they did not fully grow up with technology accessible, have trouble understanding the importance of online privacy. Because of this, they are more susceptible to scams that result in their personal information being leaked; such as their social security number and credit/debit card information.

Online Privacy is important when learning about how to use technology. Things like keeping your personal data protected or private are important to understand when online.


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