A student debates what to write due to privacy concerns online

Navigating the Digital Writing Landscape: Balancing Technology and Privacy Concerns


In the digital age, privacy concerns are a crucial aspect to consider when writing with technology. Lindsey C. Kim’s “Understanding And Maintaining Your Privacy When Writing With Digital Technologies” highlights the importance of privacy in digital writing and how to maintain it. Kim highlights the ways in which digital technologies collect and store data, including personal information, and how this data can be used in ways that compromise privacy. The author provides tips and recommendations for protecting privacy, such as using encrypted messaging apps, being mindful of the information shared on social media, and utilizing privacy settings on websites and apps.

Martha Fay Burtis’ “Messy & Chaotic Learning” focuses on the importance of embracing the “messy” and unpredictable aspects of learning. Burtis argues that while technology has the potential to streamline and simplify the learning process, it can also make it more rigid and structured. The author encourages individuals to embrace the chaos of learning, embrace mistakes and embrace the unpredictability of the process. By doing so, individuals can learn more effectively and become more creative problem solvers.

Combining these two perspectives, it becomes evident that writing with technology requires a balance between utilizing its benefits and being mindful of privacy concerns. Technology can provide a wealth of resources for writers, but it is important to be aware of the ways in which personal information can be collected and used. Embracing the “messy” aspects of learning and writing can also be beneficial, as it encourages individuals to be flexible and adaptable, rather than following a rigid formula or process.

In conclusion, writing with technology presents both opportunities and challenges. While technology can provide access to resources and simplify the writing process, it is important to be mindful of privacy concerns and take steps to protect personal information. Embracing the “messy” and unpredictable aspects of learning and writing can also lead to more creative and effective writing outcomes. By balancing the use of technology with a willingness to embrace the unpredictable, individuals can become more confident and skilled digital writers.


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