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Some time ago during last Spring Semester, I was required to write a literacy narrative paper describing one thing in which I gained literacy. That assignment was an extension to a blog post on Digital Literacy. That assignment changed my notion of the meaning of the term. Literacy is not simply what the dictionary describes. To read, write, speak, and listen in a way that lets us communicate effectively and make sense of the world. It also means learning how to perform a task that you had no prior knowledge of. I had chosen to write my paper on how I gained literacy in learning English. My decision was simply because that is one thing I can remember having zero knowledge of, to knowing how to use it every day successfully. In addition, Doug Eyman in his article, states, “Digital Literacy goes beyond the textual and includes the effective use of symbolic systems, visual representation of language, and digital object manipulation.

The Benefits of Being Digitally Literate and Using Knowledge

To this day, there are many individuals who refuse to evolve with digital. With the emergence of so many digital, and social media platforms, a digitally illiterate individual will face many difficulties navigating and being part of this world. And the ones who have the education on how to use it, do so for their advantage. In previous years business owners could only advertise their products and reach consumers through newspaper, and TV ads. Nowadays, you can’t open your Facebook page without seeing all kinds of product ads flooding your page. It often annoys me when I am listening to music on YouTube. The reason is the constant ads. They cause the song to pause thus disconnecting me from my feelings and emotions. People have dealt with similar experiences with Instagram, TicTok, & However, there are more benefits overall than we find to be bothersome.


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