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Digital Rhetoric in Ads Because of Digital Literacy





In general term Digital Rhetoric is the benefit of Digital Literacy. In the previous section of the article, Defining and Locating Digital Rhetoric, Doug Eyman says, Digital Literacy is a requirement of Digital Rhetoric.” That is using language that is designsto persuade or impressive effects on its audience.” The following two terms, Literacy and Rhetoric are always use hand-in-hand. Prior to its modernization, the world relied on Digital Literacy to deploy Rhetorical moves. “I see literacies of technologies as parallel to rhetorics of technology” (Eyman). One of the most common examples is the advertisement section includes in newspaper ads. Which can always be beneficial for almost anyone. Potential homebuyers, employment seekers, sports enthusiasts, etc. Now that the world has evolved to digital, printing literacies are mostly found online on different social media platforms.

Rhetorics & Marketing/Ads

According to a blog post titled, The Best and Most Popular Social Media Sites for Marketing “Facebook is the best social media site for advertising globally and is easily the most popular as well.” This is one-way business owners and marketers use their digital literacies for the purpose of digital rhetoric. I’m rarely on Facebook, therefore lack the information I need to counter that claim. Nonetheless, YouTube is my main go-to when it comes to social media usage. Every time I’m there, the program often gets disturbe for about one -to -two minutes during five to ten minutes of playing time. Either by some types of ads, or the host is encouraging the viewers to interact with the video. Click on certain link(s), like the video, post comments, share with others, and even send emojis such as hearts, and happy faces. Most of what we can achieve with digital rhetoric is only possible because of digital literacy. Creating hyperlink texts is just one of them.


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