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Criterias of ‘Text’ and What Does It Entail?




11 October 2023

Criterias of text. Back in the early ages if you asked someone to read a text, they automatically knew that it meant reading a printed text or transcripts of spoken word because that used to be the sole definition of the word. The criterias of text were limited. Dough Eyman also had a similar understanding of this. He says, “As a student whose early scholarly training was focused solely on literary studies, I initially understood ‘text’ to be a fairly limited term that referenced printed text and, in particular, literary works.” Now that the definition has and continues to grow, “we must see ‘text’ in a far more expansive light” (Eyman).  It now expands to include other elements. Today, if you say to someone, Send me a text. I’ll send you a text; the’re is a different meaning to it. More than likely, they’ll expect the process to complete using an electronic device of some kind. 

Criterias Of ‘Text’ 

From reading the ‘Text’ portion from Doug Eyman’s project, something is evident. It is clear that different writers and authors have different views of the criterias of text and what the word entails. From Darwish’s idea of the six layers that that make up the composition of ‘text’. Gunther Kress’s theory that it includes three categories. And Robert de Beaugrande and Wolfgang Dressler’s approach who see it as a communicative event, and includes seven specific criterias. Cohesion, coherence, intentionality, acceptability, informative, situationality, and intertextuality. No matter what platform the communicative event takes place on, some of these categories are often present more than the others. For instance,  Intentionality. When a professor posts an assignment for their students to complete, it is with the intention and the objective for them to complete it. Vice versa, when the students submit that assignment, their intention and expectation is to receive a grade from the professor. However, before that can happen, the is an agreement between the professor and the student.


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