Proof that text isn't just physical

Understanding Text and What Constitute as Text.





During his scholarly training years as a student, like most people Eyman associated the word text with any printed material such as: newspaper, textbooks, novels and physical written materials. This understanding of text triumph for the longest time until the digital age emerged. Which introduced a broad perspective of what constitute text. The arrival of digital literacy and technology enlarged the meaning of text. This disclose that text is more than just printed words, it isn’t just limited to the physical, it constitute more that just what we can hold.


Eyman mentioned Beaugrande and Dressler’s approach to defining text as a “Communicative event”. A definition that aligns very well with digital rhetoric. Digital rhetoric focuses on how people communicate digitally. As technology advanced, the concept of text expands and change from just print. To quote Eyman “we must see text in a far more expansive light” Most people now live in and operate in the digital age, so text in the physical form is a second choice. Digital has made text and the reading of text more convenient and easier at understanding . With one click or a swipe and text is displayed for our convenience.

In this digital age we exist in, the concept of text is a significance in the field of digital rhetoric. It includes a wide range of digital content. Which includes: written words, multimedia, and different interactive elements. This now larger view of text recognizes its active nature in our digital world, where it serves as a powerful communicative, persuasive and expressive tool.


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