What in the world is Digital Literacy?





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Digital Literacy? what in the world is it.? I think the first thing I would want to do is breakdown the whole word in itself. If we would like to narrow down what it might even mean. We should ask ourselves, What exactly is digital? and what is literacy?  

During the reading on digital literacy, Eyman believes that digital literacy is a requirement in digital rhetoric. Digital literacy is a means of  more complexity when you break it down. It requires a user to be able to read and write with a number of sign systems. For example coded web pages, video, audio, image, animation.  I can agree with the idea that digital literacy is exactly a user who is literate in areas like reading and writing. When defining literacy I think of a means of words and letters. Some can even say that it’s a message, like “the new media age”, Kress argues that “literacy  is the term to use when we make messages using letters as the means of recording that message…”  

Personally I like the way that Kress describes literacy directly to writing. I think I made a clear connection with the idea that “literacy remains as the term as (knowledge of ) the resource of writing.” The idea of it solely being about writing is in fact an issue, when Eyman makes a good point that literacy in itself is multimodal and would be much more useful that we differentiate it in regards to “seeking to observe the effects of literacy practices; thus, rather than seeking a different name for meaning production that includes more than just writing…”  

Understanding the concept

Eyman concludes that in order to have a better understanding of literacy. We should have a more common concept of literacy. As socio-historical practice. That would allow us to make a difference in each of the practices with print media and digital media.

There is alot in the reading that I can agree with on eyemens idea on ;literacy. Although the whole aspect of Electracy is not really a phrase and concept that I really agree with. The whole idea is confusing and to be quite honest I like the word apparatus as it is. 

Selfe and Hawshier used the term “literacies of technologies’ ‘ as an all-empopasing phrase that in my opinion works quite well.  It made perfect sense at the moment for it to make sense. I do believe that digital literacy is more than just textual. Eymen stated “ includes the effective use of symbolic systems, visual representations of language, and digital object manipulation.”

The Overall Meaning Of Digital literacy?

 Breaking down the word literacy by the national council of teachers provided the approach that makes literacy more than it being just skill based. “Literacy has always been a collection of cultural and communicative practices shared among members of particular groups. As society and technology change, so does literacy…”

I couldn’t agree more with the idea that digital literacy is exactly defined in this paragraph. Digital literacy will always have a different term and use for every person. For me I can agree with the definition from “The national council of teachers”. Literacy has always been all about communication and cultural practices.


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