Digital Devices





Everything in the world is becoming digital. We use digital devices but do we know what it means? Is it something that’s just a computer or is it more? When I think of digital what usually comes to mind is some type of electronic computer devices. That device must also be connected to the internet. As I am sure most people do when they think of it as well. Just like we discussed in class, I assumed that certain things with display screens were digital. But also that most of the content we have is just an upgrade from something that was once analog. 

What I have discovered is that my idea or definition of digital is not fully true. As Eyman Douglas says in his article Digital Rhetoric “… any system made up of individual elements satisfies the technical definition.” Morse code, writing, and the Braille alphabet are examples of systems that are not computer-based. 

So items can be analog but have been made digitally. Bringing it back to the conversation we had in class about a pencil. The devices used and needed to make that pencil may have been done digitally when you think about the measurements needed and how the lead gets into the pencil. Same with attaching the metal part with the eraser. 

Digital doesn’t just refer to just the use of modern technology. It also refers to the text whether it is in print from or an electronic form. It can be used to help organize thoughts or groupings of items. At work I used an online system that organizes my observations done on my students. I’m able to print it when needed to use when I’m helping a child reach a milestone or tell parents what’s going on with their child.


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