Digital Rhetoric




Digital rhetoric is communication in a digital sphere. From writing in virtual spaces to using any technological device. In Eyman’s article, digital rhetoric is based on performances as well. Technology surprisingly comes from centuries ago. The first-ever digital rhetoric comes from the Mesopotamia era. I was shocked when I read this in the article because how can you relate something digital to the beginning of times?

The first-ever digital rhetoric performance was Mesopotamian Cuneiform to Egyptian and Mayan hieroglyphs. The way people communicated in this time foreshadowed what was to come in the future. This simple act, led to a brilliant development. A development that would mark the future. The Mesopotamian Cuneiform led to the invention of the internet, in other words. Writing and technology will always be intertwined. One cannot go without the other. Since beginning of times writing has been the biggest influence of what the future would look like.

Digital rhetoric is not just related to technology. Typing is a performance under the umbrella because it encodes information. Anything that enables the use of technology is considered digital. The article gives us a contemporary and classical view of the use of technology. It’s interesting that digital is related to acts of writing. Digital can also be the art of discovering how monstrous the web . Whether is using the internet, writing, or typing, they are intertwined.

I am really not a techy person, but in this generation we are forced to become digital rhetoric. Without us even noticing, we are absorbed into relying in technology. From the moment we use the web to search something, we give power to digital spheres.


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