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The article “Understanding and Maintaining Your Privacy When Writing with Digital Technologies” by Lindsey C. Kim demonstrates the importance of privacy when writing on digital platforms. The article concentrates on three focus points: privacy, data, and agency. These are complementing factors that support the idea of creating an identity on the web. The concept of privacy provided in a digital spectrum means having an identity. In this article, privacy is presented as an identity or power that an individual has on the web.

The article suggests how it should be preserved. Digital writing is a networked activity that indirectly invites entities and individuals to interact with one another. Internet privacy gives you control over your personal information. We choose what to post or not. Our technological devices are our homes. What we deliver on the web creates our identity. This is the reason why we individuals should be attentive in what to post on the web. 

The web, a monstrous tool

The article “Messy and Chaotic Learning: A Domains Presentation At Keene State College” by Martha Fay Burtis shows the development of technological advancements in academic institutions. The article shows how monstrous and dominant the web has become since the ’90s. The author describes what she imagined in the ’90s is taking place in front of our eyes. The demand for digital writing and the web is an evolving space we don’t even know where it will head. The web has become part of academic institutions. Students expect to use this tool in their everyday routine. This article made me realize that the use of writing for digital spaces is not an option. It’s a demand now.

As the world and society progress to become more dependent on the web, writing on paper becomes a thing of the past. The author states “one that we will have to always be chasing after” because of how rapid its evolution is propelling. This brings to mind the movie “Look Up” even though the movie was too extreme, but it shows futuristic technological advances because of how the web and AI is advancing. I’m not saying something similar may happen, but comparing it to the article, technological advances are chaotic, and messy.


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