The shift in Old Age Print to Todays Print

Why we have shifted from paper to technology:

In today’s society many of us have shifted from old age print to todays print. Over time, the usage of old age writing and its influence on society have changed dramatically. For example, as I created this blog I used my computer to explain my words rather than using a notebook. It has become natural for me to pull out my laptop rather than putting my words on a piece of paper. The generation I am a part of has become so equipped to use technology over paper. In this generation we don’t necessarily need to write on paper anymore because it is becoming rare that someone requests a handwritten form from us.

Society finding the benefits todays print:

College students find that there are many benefits of using GoogleDocs or Microsoft Word to construct their words in their writing space. The benefits of these technology platforms are how fast and equipped you are to write down your thoughts. Technology is also helpful while writing since it allows you to edit your mistakes as you go. Additionally, it makes compositions more effective by providing writers with more creative writing techniques. In my blog post ” Writing is Technology” I discuss the impact of writing digitally.

The fact that fewer people are asking for paper forms from us is another major factor in our tendency to move away from paper and toward digital. In the sense of academics, I have never needed paper form for any assignment in the last few years. Although, every semester I still would purchase a notebook. It has almost become very outdated to use a notebook for your writing space. I would use about 3-5 pages of notebook paper per semester.

The majority of individuals in the working world create things online. The world has shifted a lot from when I was in school in the 2000’s. We needed to bring in our notebooks to school to practice writing. That was how we created our writing space. Whereas now my kindergarten age child was requested to purchase headphones so they can learn at a younger age how to use a computer.

In conclusion, there have been many reasons why society has shifted from paper or papyrus to technology. In the article Writing for the Web : Composing, Coding, and Constructing Websites by Applen the author states, “ how the changes in writing spaces have affected our ability to think and communicate with each other.” Let’s dive into how this switch in writing spaces has changed how we think and interact with one another. 

Going back in time to late age print:

Writing in the late age was mostly done by hand with implements like quills, ink, papyrus and paper. This resulted in a labor-intensive and delayed procedure. What I gathered from the article is that today’s print is a remediate of late age print. Which means we have taken the ideas we used in the past and we recreated them into more efficient ways to produce writing. For example, years ago they used to hand write books and now today they print books. It is the same idea but being produced in a much faster and efficient way.

In the late age, people would send old fashion mail to each other. Now we live in a world where we can email one another. The difference is that when we wrote out letters to one another it felt more personal. Rather than when we email we can’t exactly get a sense of feeling from the other person. For example, we live in a time where anyone can be writing something for someone else behind a screen. When someone hand writes something you are able to decipher who wrote it. Depending on how well you know the other person. When someone is using email to respond, penmanship no longer matters. This is just one example of how the switch in writing spaces changes how we interact with one another.

These days, we can enter text on our phones, tablets, or computers. We develop the same concept but disseminate it differently. One of the best tools we have to write these days is technology. It is a translation of old age writing into a different format.



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