Writing: The Shift from Old to New




Angela Adase

                The age of print and the age of late print are two very important concepts that have changed over time. A writing space has been transformed from sitting at a desk with paper and pencil, to sitting at the same desk with a laptop. I think that complete writing tasks on a computer takes a lot away from the writing process. It makes the process easier to complete. Writing essays and emails becomes a lot easier to do on the computer, but it also takes a lot away from learning how to write. Penmanship is an importance aspect that is taught and practiced at a young age. However it is taken away over time as laptops are introduced in schools.


Remediation is another importance idea that leads to the understanding of the age of print and the late age of print. While reading this, I started to see the connection between the old and the new forms of print. It is interesting to think about books going from being handwritten, to a writing press. From letters being written and placed in the mail to emails being sent to receive a reply within the same hour of the email being sent. When reflecting on this certain subject, I have only written and mailed a letter two times. These days, it is so much easier to ask for someone’s email address rather than their mailing address. It is important to value the improvements in today’s technology. However it is still important to know how to use the original form of media.

New Age Writing

            Writing on a computer can be very therapeutic, as it is convenient to be able to just type words as a fast pace. It gives you the freedom to experiment with words and feelings and be able to rewrite when revising an essay. Writing on paper can also be difficult because if mistakes are made. You have to rewrite the essay on a new sheet of paper. It can be enjoyable to experiment with different word processors, and see how technology has improved over the years. Assignments can also be completed at a faster pace, if one is skilled with using this technology.


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