a pen writing cursive onto paper

Writing is a Technology

Most of what Applen said I agreed with about writing being a technology. Writing is a way to get our thoughts down on paper. We can then see what others have said and discuss it. People can also take notes and then study what they wrote over time versus trying to remember. Writing is something invented by humans that helped them out. The mention of oral languages proved that writing had to be created. I never thought about being lucky to have access to definitions, how lucky it is to not have to remember everything that goes on, or how lucky to be able to write down notes or reminders. 


However, something Applen mentioned didn’t sit well with me. He mentioned people being able to hear what they read. I think that would be true if I didn’t talk about it with my dad. He mentioned something that still doesn’t make sense to me, he just reads. No voices in his head, no hearing how the words could be said, nothing of the sort. Instead he visualizes the words in his head exactly as they appear on what he is reading. 

Another thing that I don’t fully agree with is that written words can’t be changed, adjusted, or stand up for themselves. For the changed or adjusted, if it is printed or carved that would be hard. I think you can always change or adjust. Change happens when you erase or backspace what you wrote or typed. Adjusted could be using whiteout, scratching it out if using a pen, filling in the carving and carving something else, going on top of it the correct way in ink, and more. There are many ways to change and adjust. If you say something like “what I mean is” while writing, you can stand up for yourself. Or use more hints to guide readers in the direction you want them to go.


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